Bev Buckley MBIOk, so we all have dreams and desires right? We all ‘want’ more in our lives, to be more, do more, have more… yet there’s something that stops us somehow…

The truth really is that we don’t put a value on our dreams (or ourselves for that matter), we also validate everyone else’s point of view to be more valuable than our own, so we go look for a “JOB” to fulfill someone else’s idea of what success is. The car, the house, the 2.5 kids, keeping up with the ‘Joneses’

Is that really what YOU choose for you?

So what is a “Billionaire Idea” you may be asking me? Well its something that you have always dreamed you could do, when you were a child you swore you would do it… but then you were told to be ‘realistic’, ‘responsible’, ‘reasonable’, so you gave-up on your truth and gift you were to give the world.

You stopped receiving you and relived your ‘expected future’ once more.

What if you could revive yourself and step into your true possibility again. What if you could discover YOUR Billionaire Idea, that lets you FEEL, ACT, SPEAK and THINK as if you were a BILLIONAIRE!

What would that be like for you?

If I gave you a BILLION BUX what would you do with it? What if it was infinite, it kept being replenished? What would you do if no-one judged you for what you did or who you were? What if you stopped judging yourself too? Who would you BE? What contribution would you be to this beautiful planet? What would you change?

This website and blog is something I dreamed about for a LONG time. I love to inspire people from all walks of life. I love to see that spark in their eyes when they start speaking about what truly brings them JOY!

Its a place where YOU can come to be INSPIRED! Its where I interview Extraordinary People about Extraordinary Ideas, things that could help YOU to begin to see the Extraordinary Person YOU are too! Then someday Ill be interviewing you about your Billionaire Idea!

Please feel free to comment and express your experiences and insights. Join the conversation and add your inspired ideas too! Tell us “What’s your Billionaire Idea?”…



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